Musikhaus Wien

Competition entry  |  2011

In the same way in which Schoenberg understood that modern music cannot succeed without an understanding of its classical tradition, the proposition for Vienna’s Musikhaus is a contemporary design, but with an understanding of the urban context in which it is sited. Whilst its formal relationship with the Parkring and Weiskircherstraße acknowledges Vienna’s architectural and musical past, the Stadtpark side of the Musikhaus looks forward to a more dynamic relationship between architecture, music and the city.  Like a Mahler symphony, the Musikhaus is rich and complex, but with moments of extreme clarity. Learning from the piano, an instrument which creates music as a result of its precision design and construction, a series of tectonics are developed in the Musikhaus: casing, balance & counterweight, dampening, resonance, frame, tuning. These act together to create both a good acoustic and an expressive musical environment. The tectonics of the building allow for it to adapt to the many rhythms that occur around and within it.